Private Developers / Selfbuilders

Engineering Design & Advice.

We can provide a full detailed design of foul water drainage networks, surface water drainage networks, Service ducting networks, water main networks, steelwork, reinforced concrete, foundations, roof timbers, space heating systems, domestic hot water systems and house layouts. We can provide full engineering design back up to your dwelling. We can also work along side your Architect to assist in the development of the design for your dwelling. All designs take account of Health & Safety with special account being taken off build ability and of designing out risk where possible

Site Characterisation Assessment

A site characterisation assessment is required as part of every planning application where on site treatment of wastewater is required. We can complete the site characterisation assessment and provide you with a full specification in accordance with S.R. 6 and EPA guidelines.

Sewerage Treatment Design

The treatment of domestic wastewater involves complex physical, chemical and biological processes. Any wastewater that gets into either ground or surface water will cause serious harm to the water sources, environment and to public health.

We will design and recommend the wastewater treatment processes required to treat the wastewater in accordance with EPA guide lines. We liaise with specialised manufactures and installers of treatment systems on your behalf to iron out technical issues.

Land Surveys

We provide a land surveying service ranging from topographic surveys to boundary surveys to as built surveys to legal boundary demarcation. 

Structural Surveys

We provide a structural survey service for all types of houses. We will provide you with a survey report of the property including any defects, issues that need attention and can recommend the best remedial measures to be taken. This survey is a visual inspection of the property and no intrusive investigation will be carried out unless specifically requested. Structural survey reports are normally required before the purchase of an existing property.

Planning Permission Preparation, Submission & Advice.

We provide a complete service where we prepare planning permissions including planning drawings, layouts, surveys, site characterization assessments, etc. We give advice on suitable sites, layouts and planning requirements.

Construction Drawing Production.

We can produce constructions drawings on AutoCad format including specifications as and when required. We can also up grade existing planning drawings to construction category including the production of extra drawings where required

BER Certification & Building Energy advice.

We offer comprehensive advice on Energy Efficiency matters. We will provide the Building Energy Rating certificate for your properties with accompanying Advisory Reports. Service is currently available for new residential and old-residential properties and will be extended to non-residential buildings shortly. Our service can be extended beyond the limits of mandatory Advisory Report. If required we will provide a detailed feasibility study of the property upgrades to achieve the maximum impact on Energy Efficiency with the shortest payback period.

We can also advise on the most suitable renewable energy resource for your development including costs, predicted payback periods, estimated annual running costs and savings. Building energy rating, the type of space heating and domestic hot water heating systems that are to be used are issues that need to be resolved in the very early stages of the build in order to not reduce your options and carrying out any abortive works.

Green Technologies

We provide independent advice, details and recommendations in relation to all green technologies from Wind Turbines to Heat Pumps to Solar Panels etc. We also provide assistance in the procurement and project management of their supply and installation. We provide details and cost estimates for the ancillary works that are needed for the use of any of renewable technology in new or existing dwellings. The use of green technologies needs to be addressed at the very early stages to ensure all works are in accordance with the necessary requirements for their use.

Works Supervision & Financial Institute Stage Payment Certification.

We provide the service of works supervision and issuing stage payment certificates for mortgage draw downs from the relevant financial institutes. The certificates can be issued on the basis of pre-agreed increments or on the basis of cost to complete, the method used is normally based on the financial institution's pre-determined systems. We can also provide interim certificates for the works completed by the contractor to the client. We also provide six point letters for the set up of mortgages and Certificates of Compliance at the completion of the works.

Snag Lists

We provide snag lists for dwellings either being purchased as new or that have been constructed by a contracted Building Contractor. This includes the survey of the property and providing a list of items that need addressing before the purchase or contract is completed. This service is automatically included where any of the certification or project management services referred to are provided.

Works Programme and Management.

We can develop a works programme detailing key factors that may affect the progress of the works. We can also update these programmes as required to identify delays and critical path items.

Contract Administration

Once the construction drawings have been completed, we can prepare tender packages to be tendered by contractors, subcontractors etc. These packages can be prepared as fixed lump sum or ad measurement bill of quantity packages.

Construction Budgets

We can compile a complete construction budget for any project, including full quantities breakdown and rating. This budget can also be broken down into different elements of the works so that it can tie into a works programme and help in cash flow projections.

Project Management

Project management is the discipline of planning, organizing, and managing resources to bring about the successful completion of specific project goals and objectives. It is often closely related to and sometimes conflated with program management

The primary challenge of project management is to achieve all of the project goals and objectives while honoring the preconceived project constraints. Typical constraints are scope, time, and budget. The secondary and more ambitious challenge is to optimize the allocation and integration of inputs necessary to meet pre-defined objectives.

We provide the service of project management where we can assist in every step of the build or we can manage the build for you including subcontractors, suppliers etc and getting you the best rates from subcontractors, suppliers etc. We do this where you are the person that is paying all the invoices and where every cent saved you can see on your invoices and quotes. You are in control and if there is a subcontractor or supplier you want to use, you decide, but you can decide while knowing all facts and figures of all the prices. We agree a fee with you that are mutually beneficial and there is no commission from any subcontractor or supplier involved, all quotes are compiled with full independence. All quotes including product details where necessary are provided to you with your advice and you decide who you want to use. Key issues that have to be taken into account when deciding is that any service or material provided has to be in accordance with the current building regulations and planning regulations.

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